Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pedestrian Rant

Pedestrians of Ashland, OR

Do you have a death wish?

Positive thinking a good vibrations are no match for 2,000 lbs of steel. Traffic laws aren't created to harsh your mellow, but to allow all forms of traffic to coexist. Please stop crossing against lights and just walking into traffic without looking. You're not tough or in a special meditational bubble, you're stupid. Instead of creating positive change in the world you're alienating people. You're not doing so much good for mankind by walking instead of driving that you should get to be irresponsible.


eden said...

I had to email a link to this rant to all my former Ashland resident friends. So funny and So True!

Steven LaRose said...

Creepy timing on this post. Considering the fate of the SOU student.

sarahfburns said...

About the creepy timing, I know, very sad. I don't get why people aren't more afraid of cars.