Monday, February 25, 2008

Who are these Naturalist Painters anyway?

there is this kind of painting called "naturalism" which some painters I like throw around. I wonder where they're getting this. I know there was a movement in the 19th century called "naturalism" - it seems like it had to do with tone more than anything. I vaguely remember reading a book about the naturalists (french I think) and they used photographs, which were of course black and white in the 19th century, to help set the right tone up.

This painting is by dagnan bouveret, a 19th century french naturalist.

the guys I've seen throw the term around around are:
Michael Klein in American Art Collector magazine, latest issue (Mar 08)
Adrian Gottlieb

Other current painters that seem to be Naturalist are:

Jeremy Lipking,

Kate Leaman,

Sarah Lamb

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