Saturday, March 8, 2008

Google Juice and My New Website

I'm so happy to have launched a website, thanks to my neighbor, Chris. He is an absolute pro, (an understatement, HE ACTUALLY IS A PRO). So it's brand new and I have Google Whack instead of Google Juice, (the techies are creating a whole new language). Tough to be named "Sarah" and then marry a man with the last name of "Burns". But anyway, doing research, going to juice up. This blog has better juice, and it happened fast, so I'll try to splash some juice on my website, which I hope you'll visit: . I'd love some feedback, always want to improve.

More on juice, so I have good juice when I search sarah f burns, but nothing but whack when I search sarah burns. grr. Well really to be juicy I need to go down to the studio and paint. I also need to plant peas and radishes.


Nance said...

Can't access the website, no matter how hard I try. :-(

Signed, Bummed in Puebla

sarahfburns said...

thanks for the info

Steven LaRose said...

Your site looks great. Clean, simple, easy to navigate... I'm going to have to hit Chris up too.