Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jennie Get Your Gun

More old photos, I'm pretty sure this is my great grandma Jennie, at 16 - 20 years of age, Colorado in the 1930's. Awesome, love the jeans. What a capable lady. Later in life she had a pie business that got some national attention in a folgers ad.


Nance said...

Well, I'll be...your folks came from the same neck of non-woods as mine. My mother's mother was raised on a homestead in La Junta, Colorado. My mom had memories of riding fence with her grandpa. Their photos look SO much the same as this. Well, except for the jeans and the gun...great caption.

clarity said...

What a strange expression. I wonder if I was feeling the same then as I was in your studio. I remember feeling very insecure and apprehensive at the wedding. Not so much in your studio except when you were complaining of how bad the painting was turing out.

clarity said...

The last comment applies to the posting below. Ooops