Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shipping Artwork

This week I was oriented to the frustrating world of shipping fine art. It started out well, My framer (Joe from the Total Picture in Talent) helped out with advice and lots of bubble wrap. Then, I searched the world over for the best box, thought I'd found one at U-Haul, but the UPS store franchaise owner said it was 1" too small to be insurable. YIppee. He laughed with glee at my naivitee for thinking they'd have something costing $10 or so, ($10 was a liberal and generous amount in my mind), and oh no it would run more like 27$ and they wouldn't recycle bubblewrap and they charged this fee and that.... So we finally settled on 18$ for a "custom made" box (very funky with uneven folds) and I packed it myself so I could recycle the bubblewrap. Very frustrating. THEN, he couldn't follow the gallery instructions to put prepaid shipping label on the outside. I had to call the gallery and get them to explain what all the other UPS companies were already doing. I was so mad I was shaking, but prayed for calm, and coped. So I DO NOT RECCOMMEND the UPS store on Aero way behind the Wal-Mart and Costco in Medford. (I have heard the one in Ashland is better). I've looked up ordering boxes for my next adventure. if anyone is looking.


Nance said...

Hey, next time you are looking for boxes try the Brecheisens. You can also send stuff via UPS there. They recycle boxes. And even if you don't get everything you need or want, you will leave smiling. :-)

sarahfburns said...

I got some boxes from the b's but needed different size.

The Lone Beader said...

I just came home from the UPS store near me. They also do not do prepaid shipping labels. But, the gallery I'm showing my work at said they will ship UPS COD if there is no return label.

In the past I have always shipped via USPS, and never had a problem. but the larger my artwork is (this one was 24 x 30), the harder it becomes to find a suitable box to pack it in. So, I figured UPS was the way to go. But, I will say that I don't like UPS, because if you're not home to receive the package, you have to drive to another town to pick it up, which is rather inconvenient.