Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whirlwind Adventure

Tom and I went to Astoria for the reception for Au Naturel: Nudes in the 21st Century, which I was excited to have a piece included. The show was impressive, especially for a community college in a small town, Kristin Shauck, the curator of the show, really did a great job, she put her heart into it for sure.
Very exciting trip, what a great spot Astoria is! We met interesting people, super friendly and welcoming, really great. The town is awesome, population around 10,000 but the buildings look like SanFrancisco or Portland, big and old, this website has a good feel for the town .

There is an amazing bridge that crosses the Columbia, built in 1966, the longest of it's type (a person would have to dig engineering to care what type it is, I don't, however, it's impressive in its length.) We had really amazing beer here, our new buddies told us the brewmaster forages around the woods and fields to add this or that to the brews, really fresh and flavorful. And the building - outrageous, is all I can say.

So then we went into Portland and I caught the Dancer show at PAM (Portland Art Museum), it was better than I expected it to be. I am so tired. what a whirlwind.

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