Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Captain Senator Zoltar

Whew! This is what I've been working on for the last two months! Almost done - maybe. I have the luxury of working until I am done.

This is a commision for Chris Adams Johnson. Chris wanted a portrait that echoed Ships Captains paintings from Nantucket, where he grew up. The portrait is formal-ish with out being stuffy. It reflects his character, his roots and his current life.

Still working, I'll post the finished product when it's ready.


Nance said...

Sarah, this has such a nice feel. The pines in the background look like Augie's, so I take it this was done in your studio - well, where else...?
Very good! Nance

sarahfburns said...

Ah you recognized Augie's pines! And actually they were painted from the view by the woodstove, the actual window behind Chris looks to Kae and David's fence.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

What a gorgeous painting!