Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Phoenix Dude

Steve Larose recently made some awesome little paintings of hotwheels cars that made me think of this little painting I made for my nephew, affectionately know as the little Pheonix dude, because he lives in Phoenix,OR and doesn't wear button up shirts. I think I started calling him that when he had a cute little baby mullet - the kind that kids sometimes get when parents cut their hair. He's coming over tomorrow, the little punkin.


Miriam said...

I'm not sure if I'm offended by this entry. However, I did laugh out loud when I read it. Maybe it's impossible to escape out growing up backwoods past.

sarahfburns said...

He's the cutest, coolest little guy ever. I love that he's such a dude.

...and what's to escape about the backwoods past? We love it and so will Kayne!