Saturday, July 26, 2008

Phoenix Hill as seen from Talent

I went out painting last week, we chose this great location in Talent, OR on the corner of Colver and 99. It used to be a pear orchard and apparently (I think- I don't know the real story) the owner tore out the field anticipating "progress" that never came. So shoots off the pear stumps are coming up and making these sort of pear bushes - they're low enough so you can see the horizon well. The gray areas are the stacks of branches left when the trees were cut down.

It's a great location for painting, you can see the Cascades to the East and North, the Siskiyous to the South and West. The Siskiyous look really blue and pine-y and the Cascades look dry and oakey. These mountains are really the nice feature of this Rogue Valley.

This little painting - 8 x 1 inches is of this hill I don't know the name of in the small town of Pheonix, OR. It's dry and covered with newly built "craftsman" style McMansions. the blue mountains in the distance are a bit of an obstacle when driving I-5 north. It's twisty and steep.

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