Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Else I Love

I finally went into The Crown Jewel, in ye old Ashland OR, my hometown, where Steve Larose has a few paintings shown. It's just a hop skip and a jump away, but I never go downtown anymore - if I do I go to Bloomsbury coffeehouse which is behind everything and so only kind of going down town. (Where we live there is this huge thing called Oregon Shakespeare Festival and that draws piles of people and they also shop and eat in the downtown area. - On an unrelated note the new person in charge of the green show(a free daily pre-play performance) is doing some interesting things, with different acts each day, this week is Latino festival or something and there is a taco truck parked on the bricks - awesome)

So anyway, Steve's paintings are precious and delicate, my fave of the group is Nature's Soft Nurse, pictured here, I don't know why - but it's the one I remember most distinctly from my visit to the show. (As it turns out, when I looked back to link to the picture, it turned out to be a picture he posted when he blogged about my little show. So maybe it's just subliminal.) Anyway, this group of paintings are effective in their freshness and purposeful placement of paint. They feel a little fragile and vulnerable too, which contributes to the precious feeling, they are unframed, the edges are finished so I kept thinking that if they were in my possesion they would be bumped and scratched and I'd feel terrible. The group is nebulous, but fun and safe - by safe I mean they take you to a mysterious place, but with out fear. the title - Nature's Soft Nurse must refer to breastfeeding - and there you go: vulnerablility, safety, precious, delicate.

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