Monday, August 11, 2008


some guy in Detroit - too lazy to note his name (I'm an artist, not a writer) - I like his work.


Nance said...

Because of his 8/12 posting, I thought he was reminiscent of Hopper, but when you look at the whole gallery, he definitely has his own eye and style. Which even changes depending on the subject matter. Since that's true of your work too, perhaps that's a mark of a talented artist, just as it would be of an actor. It was surprising how many different moods he portrayed of the stadium and the Brooklyn Bridge. I liked the coziness of the tugs, too.

eden said...

love this guys work ... very Hopper. (oh, just noticed that Nance said the same too...) Anyhoo... i miss bloomsbury books and coffee shop, especially in summer.