Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bend and Back part two

the bridge over the rogue river. This is the marker showing I'm out of the woods and coming home again. Familiar territory. Lost Creek Lake is on the right - an awful and silly lake, in my opinion. Muddy and huge. But it's good to have a place for the jet ski crowd to go.

Past Shady Cove, but well before Eagle Point.

this is very near where I grew up. It's very typical to see hay fields below the ditch line - water travels down hill. Then the native scrub oaks and the poison oak are above. There are piles of birds in this area. It's so amazing, the variety. Owls, many types of hawks, quail, kildeer, redwing black bird, numerous kinds of woodpeckers, and of course your hummingbirds, jays, robins, little tiny cute birds that I don't know what are, starlings. The starlings fly in huge flocks and all turn at the same time. Then of course crows and vultures. and more.

The butte falls hwy juction. - within a couple of miles was the site of my childhood.

The school bus used to pick kids up here.

Oh, now we can see Roxy Ann - the Medford Mountain.

Roxy Ann again.

White City - what a beautiful dump. My dad used to work in a mill here. This town gets the best evening light.

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