Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OSF Comedy of Errors

Super entertaining. Adara and I went last night. The outdoor theatre is great, it's smaller and more intimate than the other theatre. The old west musical version of Comedy of Errors (or "Comedy" as the roadies call it) could have been terrible, but it was fantastic! The actors are amazing. It was a full and rich crew, the costumes blew me away. The best play I've seen at OSF ever. And the troubador guy played by handsome Rene Millan was my fave of the actors.

During the play I was sitting next to a friendly older lady and we got to chatting and she was really concerned she wasn't going to like the play because it wasn't being done straight Shakespeare style. She said "I feel like they're talking down to me," and "They're doing it for the kids." She said that just as one might throw a two year old right into a pool to learn to swim, people ought to throw the kids right into Shakespeare and they'd pick it right up. I reacted neutrally, (I don't care too much one way or the other.) Then she said, "It's just like when Mexicans move here and they don't learn to speak English because they go to their stores and have English in the schools etc.........." I really don't care about that so I was again: neutral. Ok so the good part is the play opens with hunky Rene Millan singing and then speaking in Spanish for a good few minutes. Perfect ironic timing.
(PS at intermission she said the play was superfun and she just had to pretend it wasn't Shakespeare.)


Faith said...

I like the picture of Adara! :)

Nance said...

Glad your seatmate "came around" and enjoyed herself. Wonder what she would think of Americans in Mexico who don't speak Spanish...We are trying hard not to be that type... I second Faith's comment about Adara's portrait. She's gotta be serious...does anyone hold a smile when they are having a portrait done?? It's hard enough when you are having a photo taken.

Nance said...

Gotta add: My mother took us kids (grade school) to OSF when it was just the outdoor theatre and all traditional Shakespeare. We loved it, and there's a surprising ambience of warmth to the outdoor theatre, encircled by the ivy-covered walls with the stars looking down. What great memories.