Monday, September 1, 2008

Pears and Sears

Pears from an old orchard park near our home. I was doing an exercise where I used the fewest brush strokes possible to maintain freshness and stay on my toes. I felt pretty good about it, and I like the color of the pears and the bug eaten leaves, but it looks a little 1970's to me. It looks like it would go with this lamp:

...which I own.
Interesting story: My mom got this lamp for my sister at the goodwill, she gave it to me. Ok, so my grandma kept Sears catalogs from the 1940's to whenever they stopped making them, and I got a few from her. So one day I'm flipping through the 1974 Sears catalog and there's my lamp. Wow! and later I I'm looking in the 1940's catalog and I found our bed. My people are Sears people. Sturdy and average. Overcooking the green beans etc. I embrace it. Pass the milk and the hammer. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tracy said...

We had a lamp like that-I think my mom really splurged on it and we thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. It was definitely the nicest thing in our apartment.

Ours was yellow instead of green though and I think the glass had a dimple pattern. I used to like to touch each indentation. Probably left a lot of smears but that was the beauty of 70's glass, nothing showed up on it somehow:)

I like the pears.

Chris said...

Love the pears painting! I've got to get up there to see it in person.