Thursday, September 11, 2008

Working Like Mad

So I've been working a lot lately. I've got a couple more in my series of garden produce,

Farmers Market Flowers here

and I've been landscape painting too: Here is a painting of the big trees in the woods. I like how this one leans to the abstract and how it kind of conveys the feeling of those tall, tall trees we have in the mountains in Oregon.

and I've been to the Rogue Gallery and Art Center for the Wed morning Model Drawing.

There is more to show, but I have to photograph it. I've got two great models coming into my studio each week, too. My intent is to have a full schedule that is fun and managable. I'm feeling like I'm getting better about making this a job, I've swung from working to much, to not working enough and back again. But balance is always the key!

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Faith said...

I think I might like your garden pics the best.