Monday, October 6, 2008


I think I am a midwesterner at heart (or what I imagine midwesterners to be like). I live in a silly town that must post signs requiring people to be fully clothed when visiting the grocery store. You gotta love that, though. That's really funny.

Much of Oregon however is like this: trailers and clearcuts.
and this is sadly ironic, a giant blow up bear and salmon in front of a few hundred feet of trees and then a few miles of shaved off stumps and dirt. The salmon and the bears don't like it when you cut all the trees down. Duh.

I'm just pretty middle of the road. I eat meat, we sometimes use round-up on our weeds, but I don't wear deoderant and I like brown rice. Really, I guess most people don't fall into any stereotypes, but sometimes it's hard to tell when the craziest people make the most noise.

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