Monday, October 6, 2008

Lake Marie

Lake Marie is a precious haven from the ATV's, jet ski's, clear cuts and general idocy in the surrounding community of Winchester Bay, OR. Our family took a trip up here this last weekend with our good friends.

I decided a while ago not to try to paint seriously anymore on family and friends trips because it takes too much time - and like it on not, I am a 9 - 5, mon - friday painter (I like it that way). I did bring watercolors on this little trip and took a couple of hours to myself and sat by this really peaceful lake and just rested and painted. Lovely. I should do that more often.

I just enjoyed the solitude and the beer. It's so lush and I could hear an eagle screeching (and idiots on ATV's a few miles away - but they didn't harsh my good time).

It misted on me and my little painting. The little spots on parts of this watercolor were made by the mist.

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