Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roses and Rainbows

The last two weeks have been all about friends, family and social responsibilities. That's great, but I'm going to turn off the phone and lock myself in my studio for the foreseeable future. I jones for painting.

This little rose painting was the last thing I did. It's small 10" x 10" - (I used the scanner to capture the image so it cut off part of the edge). It's about life size, the rose I painted was a miniature rose from the front yard. It's kind of for a commision, the request was for a nursery painting for a baby involving roses. It's not very baby-like though. That's ok, if the client doesn't want it, I like it and bet someone out there will want to hang it in their home.

The experience of creating painting was a good. I worked very hard on it and was absolutely cashed when I was finished which makes me feel like I'm doing well. Rose paintings seem really corny, but I like this one. It absorbs my attention.

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eden said...

last time i was on the phone with mom she said I MUST check your your rose painting. She's right, it's a must see. Love it. Love that wee little rose bush too. Hugs. E