Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tangled Origami Butterflies

So I've been thinking of making this painting for a while now.

I still have the butterflies tacked to the ceiling of my studio since I made this painting.

After a month or so, the butterflies became tangled up and have looked interesting. So I started the second painting, I'm going to work on it a smidge more, but the basic look is established. I like the older one better. It was an accident really. I made it as a preliminary sketch and then threw the "final" in the trash. I can only be that fresh if I don't care, if I'm really impatient when I'm working. Maybe. It's impossible to say what the trick is. Making art isn't about any one thing, it's capturing some mercurial bit of life - and we little humans can really only get that once in a while - and we really don't know clouds at all.
(Capturing good images can really drive me crazy. I think I scanned both images in with the same scanner and the older one looks warmer and the newer one looks cooler. The newer painting isn't any cooler in reality.)

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