Friday, November 14, 2008

Doodle, Tomato Allergy

I found out I'm allergic to tomatoes - boo hoo. I'll try not eating them for a while and see if I can tolerate them in a few months. I so love tomatoes.

Learn from my mistakes, everybody - Eat regularly!!! It feels terrible to get woozy from not eating, it also feels terrible to overeat. The trick is to just eat regularly! (and avoid foods that you're allergic to.)

Doodle. Well I'm a compulsive doodler - have been all my life. something to use a place mark and filler for my blog.
I've been painting with zeal since my cleanse/vacation ended. I've been out landscape painting all day and now I'm off to the studio for some winter squash and pear work - after a much needed meal.

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Faith said...

You must be related to my Mommy!