Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest Painting

I've been super busy - really inspired by painting on this illustration board I prepared for oil paint. The surface is less absorbent than I'm used to working on. The paint sits on top and it can't be worked much, which forces me to plan ahead and to get it right the first time. Both excellent things to work on for a painter like me. So I'm shamelessly selling these - they're quite affordable - they're fun and small, easy to frame and because the illustration board is stiff - nearly and 1/8 of an inch thick - they can be propped up on a bookshelf or desk for quite a while while you wait to go to the framer.

Look for more coming soon - this little guy (sold) was the first to dry, more drying daily.

1 comment:

Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp said...

Great capture of that late-fall light, Sarah. (And the affordable paintings series is a good idea in the current market.) :)