Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Affordable Oils

Here are some more affordable oils - hot off the scanner. This is Honey's Bird Gourd - for sale HERE

Sisikyou Mountains for sale HERE.

...and here is a view of the Siskiyou's mountains, painted off Sterling Creek Road - I think that's Rocky Butte in the background. Looking west toward the Pacific. My husband and brother and law were down inbetween the grassy ridge and the first blue green ridge cutting wood. Our friends have such a beautiful place and they generously allowed us to cut some madrone that had been killed during a wild fire a couple years ago.
This area is gorgeous and serene - except for the hicks in the ridge behind me that were doing target practice with semi-automatic weapons (!) and then some sort of bomb or dynamite fun as well. That is classic Southern Oregon - especially Josephine County - the birthplace of the meth epidemic. It's funny - I may have mentioned this already but I recently had an epiphany about my home area (Southern OR) - I discovered that the whole world isn't full of burned out trailers, rusted cars, garbage piles. I didn't know that on account of the fact that I spend 99.99% of my time in Southern Oregon. A real eye opener this year. I love my home area, but I need to get out more.

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