Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seperated at Birth - the Lanning Women and the Renaissance.

So, this painting was began as a master copy exercise for school. I didn't finish the face, in fact when I left the art school, I just had a blank face. My sister, Claire looks just like a Renaissance Painting, so I asked her to pose and put her face into the picture.

This is not the picture I was copying - obviously, But it looks as if it is a drawing of a distant relative, by the great Leonardo Da Vinci

A visiting friend with a new camera and a love for photography came down to the studio and took some photos while I worked. Here I am, now, looking very 16th century.

This one voices my classical Western influences. I'd be hot stuff if I lived 500 years ago - A little soft, very young looking, with a mild milk maid face.


Nance said...

Renaissance? If you were barefoot, I'd think Bouguereau...
You had fun!

sarahfburns said...

michelle took one photo that screams Bougeureau. I wish I could add pics to the comment space. I'll email it or post it on the blog.