Wednesday, December 17, 2008

George Bellows and Ashland Snow

Well, it snowed here in Ashland recently, which is rare; the snow stuck and froze, which is even rarer. It was down to 15 degrees last night - which I can't ever remember experiencing. The house was noticeably cooler, we had to pay more attn to the woodstove. Anyway, I wanted to get outside and paint snow scenes, but it's just too cold for me, so I painted some snow scenes while looking out the window. It's more difficult because of the lighting, but much better than freezing.

I had an appointment and had to walk across town for it because I didn't dare drive down the icy hills in my neighborhood. I came home and ate everything I could find and then tried to paint and couldn't, so I started to prepare for a class I'm teaching in January.

I don't have any photos to share, and so I'm going to continue with some art work that moves me. It's very helpful to get this out, to have to write about it. It kind of focuses me, and carries me forward.

So, I'm inspired by the American painters in the early 20th century right now, so let's look at George Bellows. The famous work - Starkey's (or something, titles are boring) - is so intense, look for the gleeful, bloodthirsty man in the crowd.

And here is a portrait that feel entirely different. There's another story here.

I remember the title of this one: Cliff Dwellers.

This guy was so great. I adore this grandmother picture. There's a whole person in there. The hands, the hands. I'd like to paint some portraits of people in their own enviornment. I tend to set up in my studio because it's so much easier.

And then finally, I chose to share this one, beautiful and sad. This painter really inspires me - what a range, and I love the humanity. complex and subtle, a lot going on. Strong individuals with stories. So great.


Amy Greenan said...

I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't familiar with George Bellows at all, and WOW! Beautiful, poignant stuff. Thanks for sharing.

paintchipgirl said...

Hi Sarah,
I found your blog through etsy. I cannot believe you've only been painting full time since 2007. You are a great talent. I will be back, as I can certainly gain something from your writing and paintings.