Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unknown Artist Plans For New Year

I made this drawing and wash last weekend - it's Tom napping. I actually love this, very pleased with this piece. It's nebulous and dreamy, just like a nap.

Well, this ends my first year as a professional artist. I saved all my receipts, and have been calculating them up. I did some deficit spending, with out a doubt, but that turned out to be a good thing - tax deductible. I did not plan on counting mileage on my car, though, so I had to go back and calculate all the distance I traveled for work based on my receipts. Would you believe I traveled over 4,000 miles for this art thing - and I didn't leave Oregon, barely left Ashland. Wow.

So, although I'm not one for new years resolutions, I am going to keep better records next year. I got a new calendar, that I think I'm going to love. It's a daily calendar which I think I'm going to like - lots of room to keep track of things - and I love the idea of keeping sort of a diary, but not a "dear diary, I'm feeling so...", but a record of life. So I plan to really write things down in it. It could prove to be interesting in 20 years.

so the end of a year and the start of another. Last year was all about seeing what I could do without an instructor - a nervous insecure kind of jumping off. Next year I hope to move further technically, but most importantly I'd like to become more of who I am as an artist. I'd like to mature a lot more this year, become clearer about what I love and am interested in sharing with the world. I'd really, really like to get gallery representation this year too. It's been hard to place myself, too. I come from a realist background, and I love to make realist art, but for the most part I don't like other realist art. It tends to be sappy and boring. So I don't know even which galleries to look at. I'm not very cool - so the hip modern galleries are out, and I have no name or reputation, so most galleries I'd like to be in may not take a chance on me, anyway.

19th century photograph of an electric spark -so inspiring!

Anyway, I'm heading down to San Francisco for a couple of days to visit a friend who's holed up with foot surgery, and as always when I'm in a place with museums, I'm dedicating as much time as possible to absorbing what I can there. Museums are so exciting to me. I feel so at home. I'm going to visit SF MOMA - which I've never been to. I was brainwashed against modern art for a while, so I'll go see what the fuss is about. I'm interested in these old photographs. The Legion has Leonardo drawings - very exciting -, faberge eggs, symbolist prints and more. De Young has Yves St Laurent clothing, some interesting photography shows and the best permanent collection in San Fran (in my opinion). It should be exhausting and invigorating at the same time.

See you next year.

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Nance said...

May all your plans turn out to be blessed. The drawing and wash of the napping Tom is very cozy looking.