Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Painting My Sister Again!

I started a preliminary sketch/study of my sister today. I'm pretty excited to have her in the studio again. Last time she modeled for me was about a year ago and we got into a fight (minor - sister thing) and I quit the painting and threw it in the trash. (Mature, huh?) It wasn't a very good painting, so no loss. Anyway she's been busy, she's a full time college student, studying to be a teacher and she works and baby sits our other sister's kid. Anyway, I finally have her back and am really excited to paint her. She's so intense. Her gaze is direct and fantastic. Here's a link to another portrait I painted of her.


Faith said...

Claire is so pretty! I love the portraits you do of her.

Fred Bell said...

Hi Sarah, I looked through your blog and your website and I think your work is just great. You became my "friend" on facebook today. Thanks. Let's exchange blog links. This is my blog address. Please check it out.


Nance said...

We're looking forward to when you share the finished portrait. Give Claire warm greetings from us. Posing for a portrait (or painting one) is great training for being a teacher, right? Hugs, Nancy