Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Procrastination and New Inspiration

Well, well, well. I have been reading blogs on interior this afternoon - instead of cleaning my home, painting or doing any other productive thing. How do people choose paint for a home? I can mix a color for a painting with little effort, but to try and choose something great for a home? Forget it. I guess that's why we specialize.

So that's my procrastination. My new inspiration is neutrals. I painted this little still life while a student was working - it's very posed, isn't it. I wanted my student to study forms at certain angles. I was excited by the grays and beiges and the similar tones. It's a jump from the last group I did - which was all about contrast and color.


RuthT said...

Paint your house the colors that make your soul sing -- of course with others in the house you must make sure those colors don't make their soul scream!

In my kitchen my cabinets are white with lavender and dark green trim with a skeletal leaf print wall paper in the middle. Those are on white walls with lavender baseboards and window sills.

In the front half of the house there is Yucca plant and Live Oak green on the walls. They look like the out-of-doors inside. Texas has very interesting greens.

The master bdrm and bth are faux painted in pinks. Nicely understated.

The family room is wood. Real wood, I will never paint it! Someone else may but NOT ME! I will repaint the ugly ceiling someday. First I have to scrape off the 35 year old "popcorn" that everyone in Texas put in their houses. Many still do! How crazy.

The hall, it may have trees, leaves and sky. Like walking down a wooded path. We shall see.

Happy painting.

Nance said...

When Don and I first met Jim Foster, he was landscaping the house they had built on the curve of Terrace, and we were going for a walk. He commented that they wanted to paint the exterior of the house to blend with the landscape, and Don mentioned working for a fellow that had requested the paint shop to match a manzanita leaf. They ended up painting the house Manzanita color with cream trim and the deep maroon of the manzanita trunks. So neat!

sarahfburns said...

Wow, you both noted nature as source material for paint. I like the idea of manzanita leaf, (we don't have Live Oak or Yucca - not sure of the color, but I love the sound of it) Manzanita leaf or Stone. I may try that. I'd like to paint the office, it needs it and I love, love, love dusty sagey greens, like a manzanita. Plus, there is some maroon in the window coverings, so it would look well together.

I still have to find the motivation to actually DO IT....