Friday, January 16, 2009

Sarah's Gone Crackers

I've been on a special diet for months now. MONTHS. It's beginning to wear on me. The first diet was a lovely positive cleanse. I felt great and was so busy doing skin brushing and peat baths etc that I didn't have a chance to focus on all the foods I couldn't eat. Then, I started to transition back to regular food and discovered allergies to tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, corn and potatoes. Ok fine. too bad, but fine. And the contrast between feeling so good on the cleanse and then feeling normal made me realize normal wasn't good so I did some tests with my doctor and we found that I wasn't making enough stomach acid and that I didn't have ANY good flora and fauna in my gut. So I went on a special diet to change all that. It involoves no sugar, no alcohol, very little fruit, no white flour or white rice etc, no vinegar. So add that to no corn or potatoes and you get brown rice, quinoa, whole grain everything. So if I eat my one piece of fruit early in the day I have nothing but rice cakes to snack on in the evening. Night before last Adara said, "Sorry Mom, I ate the last rice cake. But there are some crumbs at the bottom of the bag." I ate them and I refused to share.

So yesterday I went to the COOP to stock up on rice cakes (wah) and found these Mary's Gone Crackers. The ingredients are simple: brown rice, quinoa, flax and sesame seeds. And they are AWFUL!

"Taste's Great" they say and "How can rice and seeds taste so good?" - Whatever! put a little peanut butter on it and you have those bird feeder bricks. So wah, I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. Tom's toast popped up this morning and he was busy so I buttered it before it got cold and it made me really depressed. I'm going to have protein powder for breakfast. But I have to remind myself: I do feel better. and I did lose 15 lbs that I don't want to gain back. So I'll carry on. It won't last forever.


Nance said...

Oh my, you sound like me when I was first diagnosed with celiac! I hated rice cakes. Oddly enough, I began craving them as time went by, and also began looking for the ones in the package that were more toasted. Now I am the same way with whole grain corn tortillas: I like the ones that have scorches on them. One of them had scorch marks like alien eyes. I thought about saving it like the Jesus tortilla, but instead... I ate it. Oh, and yo acuerdo re Mary's Gone Crackers.

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

What was the "lovely cleanse" diet? I don't have a clue about that sort of thing.

sarahfburns said...

Nance - I love the alien tortilla -although do you think the lack of food makes us hallucinate these things , or rather makes us go crackers?--ha ha. I'll look for images in my rice cakes from now on. Who knows what fun I might have been missing? It would be great subjects for blogging too. A rice cake or tortilla can be scanned and shared with the world.

Hi Sherri,
There are as many different "cleanses" as the day is long in this new age Oregon town I live in. This one involved a lot of stuff. I ate only whole grains, legumes, fruit, veggies, cold pressed oils - all organic. I wasn't to eat any common allergens so no gluten, no corn, no soy, no nightshades, no tree nuts etc. etc. And then we had to take stacks of supplements and do colonics, saunas, castor oil packs, peat baths etc. It was a full time job for a month, but it was, for me, life changing. I am 32 and was starting to feel physically uncomfortable and now I feel energetic and great. I did it through this place in Ashland called Hidden Springs .

RuthT said...

Sarah -- you are experiencing the family thing. Nightshades are quite a problem for some of us. I avoid most but occasionally I simply go ahead and consume a few as it is too difficult to avoid 100% when eating at other places. I'm sorry that you too are experiencing this. In 2000 I discovered that potatoes were my biggest culprit; I have eaten them three times since then. Once as the proof in the experiment. Once because some shrimp had been fried in oil that potatoes had been cooked in. And the other was at a Mexican Restaurant here in SA. Go figure Mexican food, that is cooked like in Mexico vs TexMex contains potatoes! I avoid potatoes big time because of pain. Walnuts can make me quite breathing and breathing is good, last time I checked. I miss eggplant. BTW, for my hearing loss, I have been placed on a low sodium diet! Apparently my middle is full of fluid, on both sides, that we are trying to dry out. Had some amazing tests! Hope it works -- it may be as I can hear a little better from time to time.

sarahfburns said...

Aunt Ruth -

I too, get terrible pain from the nightshades. It's good motive to avoid them. It's so strange that I never noticed it until this cleanse though. So it's a family trait?

I miss eggplant too! I always ordered eggplant dishes at Thai restaurants.