Monday, February 9, 2009

Emo Gray Day Series

Listen to Bon Iver and feel it all deeply and sadly with this series.

I love this new little group, painted specifically to sell on Etsy, but now that they're dry I'm imagining them framed and shown in a little shop somewhere - or given to my friends as gifts cause they're so cute. For now they're available on Etsy though.

Two Rocks and a Vulnerable Shell 5" x 5" $40 Available here

Lonely Shell 5" x 5" $40 Available here

Big Hurting Shell 5" x 5" $40 Available here

Salty Wounds 5" x 5" $40 Available here

Three Rocks and a Shell 5" x 5" $40 Available here

Poor Communicaters 4.5" x 5" $40 Available here


Steven LaRose said...

I started an etsy series and now I can't part with them. I'm hoping the salt shaker doesn't sell before our tax return arrives. These are sweet.

sarahfburns said...

thanks for the props!

Stephen Magsig said...

This series is excellent. Beautiful color and brushwork