Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Charter drives me crazy!!!!

So with this digital television switch thing, we had to get a converter box, because we don't have cable and we have an old tv. So our reception is pretty awful, and Tom saw an ad on TV where Charter offered cable hookup to the basic network channels for $9.99 per month. So he called them and asked them to hook us up. Ok fine. So they came out on a friday and set it up, and it works great. After they left, the internet didn't work. So Tom called Charter - and of course you can't get ahold of the guy who was just here, you have to call the 800 number and reach someone in Virginia. They say nope, sorry, we won't come out because you don't use Charter for your internet service. Really? The Charter guy can come to our house and screw up our lines and has no responsiblity?

So we call our internet provider, knowing they can't do anything, because they just provide the internet, not the physical lines. But they're a smaller local company, so maybe they at least know what we should do next. Well the first guy Tom talked to said to call Charter back. Which he did, DEADEND. I remember Ashland Fiber Network - part of the City of Ashland - installed the wires, so I thought perhaps we could call them. They don't answer their phones, they have a message telling us to call our internet company and they would contact AFN who would then contact us and perhaps come out and fix the problem. So Tom calls Infostructure, our internet provider back and we finally have the right information so we get a work order set up and we can expect to see AFN on Monday.

So we go all weekend without internet - we survive.

Monday morning early, (thank goodness I was showered and dressed) here comes a friendly competent local guy from the City of Ashland. He recognized a picture of my brother in law and knows him. It's a small town, very personable. He fixes the problem in five minutes and tells me that Charter does this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. He says he fixes their "mistakes" routinely. He says AFN doesn't do that to people either. But the City has to charge us $21 to fix it, which is not a big deal, but it's so irresponsible of Charter.

And the special $9.99 deal - he says that because Charter is in bankrupcy protection they're probably trying to pad their subscriber list so they can sell the company or portions of the company. HA!

I told a friend about this and he had a similar bad experience with Charter. When they disconnected their cable, Charter came and disconnected the cable tv and the internet - the internet was with another company. Thanks alot.

So I recommend avoiding Charter. They are more trouble than they're worth. Although now that we have the cable, we'll keep it until the price goes up (which it ineveitably will).

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Steven LaRose said...

I've never heard a good thing about Charter. Ever since we've lived here. All these 7 years.