Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Still Life Paintings

I've been meaning to post for over a week, but have been busy, busy, busy. I'm mentoring some teens for the Rogue Gallery - and they are fantastic, and they come twice a week for 2 1/2 hours, which is great, but everything takes time. I also bought two sheets of baltic birch panels, which have been cut and I've been gessoing with every spare minute. They need four coats, which must dry overnight in between coats, and they take up space! Every surface in my studio is covered in drying panels. I've been taking "quick" trips to town too. Every "quick" trip seems to take half the day. And then there is dinner to make, family needs to care for. And my darling husband took me to the coast for a little anniversary trip. so that's my excuse.
A recent post in Daily Blog Tips recommended a posting schedule for bloggers. I've decided to adopt that plan. My intention now is to post on Tuesdays regularly, and again on Friday's if I have a more to share.
So, down to the post. Recent Works:
Vase with Books and Cell phone

My Parents
When I assembled the objects for this painting, it dawned on me that they strongly reminded me of my parents. It's interesting because I've either painted these objects before, or they've been hanging around for over a year, waiting to be painted. When I was painting them, I noticed I responded deeply to these, and thought they represented myself, and then it hit me: Mom and Dad. My mom sent me the vase and sent Adara the shells, and as I was growing up collected ocean rocks. The rocks are ones I collected, but definitely an idea I picked up from mom. The tin can, the nails, the oak leaves and the pennies are all about my dad.
I like this painting alot, mainly because it was so easy to paint. I was in the zone, hardly made a mistake, it was easy, I just had to do it. Sometimes painting is like that. I'm not sure the energy comes through. It was definitely a strong painting experience but does that translate into a strong painting?
Maybe I should title is less personally, and call it "Marriage". Titling artwork is a burden for me. I'm always afraid I sound affected or silly. Often in response I get a little sarcastic with my titles. Sarcasm is great for insecure people like me.

Gray Day Emo Shells and Rock

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