Friday, March 20, 2009

A Marathon Post - Inspiring Artist, Sketches, Snacks and a Musical Interlude

I've been posing for Robert Paulmenn lately - and he introduced me to a new painter with whom I am in love: Edwin Dickinson. Interesting fact: Robert's education heritage is connected to Dickinson. One of Robert's teachers studied with Dickinson. Sadly Edwin Dickinson couldn't paint at the end of his life due to Alzheimers or Dementia.

I just can't get enough - and I can't believe I'd never heard of him before now!
Ok, moving on, we still have a lot to get to. Next topic: ricecakes - I eat 5 or so every night. Yum. When you can't eat corn chips, potatoes, white flour, then rice cakes do become wonderful.

Here is a sketch for the new painting I'm working on. The color is a bit garrish - in the sketch - but it's a short hand for cool and warm - notes essentially. The painting is going well. I can't wait to show you.

I scanned the sketch and the scanner was set to grayscale accidentally. But I liked how the sketch translated tonally.
And finally, something light - like ricecakes for your ears.


Nance said...

Well, well. Lulu! A real blast from the past. Of "To Sir with Love" fame. So the hairstyle I am currently aiming for is from 1967. Wouldn't you know? A haidresser once told me that most women try to repeat the hairstyle of the height of their youth. Interesting, and possibly true.

Edwin Dickinson - I like the painting of the woman nestled in the fabric. So tranquil.

Rice Cakes. I think the photo is a work of art. I like the toastiest ones, and will dig through a package like looking for gold. That one has definite potential.

sarahfburns said...

nance, I dig through the bag in search of the toastiest ones too. The ones that cruch really well, that have more air in them. I've found that Lundbergs Wild Rice have a texture that I love.