Monday, April 20, 2009

In Loving Memory

This is the kind of painting I should always be doing - something that carries meaning and emotion. (Granted sometimes I just have to study or explore gray areas), but anyway, I'm very happy with this work. I painted it to honor my friends and family who have passed away in the last year. I needed to scrape my grief up and focus it somewhere. My friend Anna died of Cancer earlier this year - a woman in her 40's with young children. My friend Alice died this year of liver failure. She was a wonderful, funny, graceful person and was dignified to the end. And finally my dear uncle Brian Lanning died suddenly and unexpectedly this month. He was a very, very dear uncle who always made people feel comfortable.

I miss them all very much.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sarah. I think about Anna & Alice all the time. Your flower paintings are wonderful. You can see love in every petal.

Nance said...

Sarah, what a wonderful way to express your love and sorrow. Thank you for valuing such special people.

Love, Nancy

artist said...

These flowers are amazing. Nice work.