Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Ashland Independent Film Festival

IN A DREAM: Theatrical Trailer from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.

The other movies I saw at AIFF were In A Dream and the local Ashland short Model Rules.

First, In a Dream - I wasn't sure how I was feeling about In a Dream until about 2/3 of the way in. It always had my attention, though and by the end I was hooked, a big fan. It's very real, about life, not idealized, not demonized, just whole. very whole, very personal and specific to that family, but anyone in a family can relate to it, I think - even though most of us don't have such extraordinary parents. To see more visit the movie's website: http://www.inadreammovie.com/

Model Rules: A locally made short film. It was a good story, but it was based on the premise that nude figure models 1. Must not make eye contact with the students during session 2. Must not remain nude during breaks. 3. Must not speak to students during breaks. It was irritating as an artist, because I've been to piles of figure drawing groups and the only "rule" that rings true is that Models should wear a robe during breaks. (Not all do, but most do.) These rules may have applied 40 years ago, and the movie would have been more believable if it were set then.

The other real "rules" are: models should hold extremely still, no bare bottoms on furniture, and for the most part no awkward open legged poses for women. (Maybe the last one is not a spoken rule, but most people find that uncomfortable - models and artists.) Probably the most important rule for me is: show up for your modeling gigs - ideally on time, hydrated and ready to work. Modeling isn't easy. But we artists really appreciate it.



Hello Ms. Sarah

Are you on faceBook? If not be there. We can find there many persons of common interest.

Naval Langa

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

I noticed that Country Living magazine has a few pages on Ashland, Oregon. Looks like an interesting place.

sarahfburns said...

Sherri -
Ashland is an interesting place, I guess, I've lived here so long that I find other places more interesting. Ashland is very comfortable, I will say. We have things going on all the time, which is nice. There's a great theatre scene, shopping, natural healthcare, mountains and a university. Come visit!

Naval - I'm a big fan of facebook, too.