Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy busy busy

Flower paintings-R-US lately. But I like doing them and people really like to have flowers in their homes. I may have hit on something. This bouquet my darling daughter picked while walking the dog. She said it was for "inspiration" for me. What a girl. and very inspiring. I couldn't have picked a better bunch myself. In fact - this isn't the first time I've painted flowers she has brought home for me.

I've been so very busy lately. I'm "cleansing" again. My life is all about soaking legumes, taking teas and saunas (ahhh) and making sure I have enough bowel movements and vegetables. It takes a solid two hours a day - and more if I have time. But the benefits are very real. I did a cleanse last fall and I'm a whole new person for it today.
Last weekend my husband and I cruised up to Coos Bay where I had a painting in a show at the Coos Art Museum. It was a juried show - I did not win a prize - which I never expect to, but always want to. It was a pretty good show, lots of room and lots of BIG paintings. There were several that I would have loved to own and several that I couldn't stand.

On our way home from Coos Bay we drove down 101 to Gold Beach to drop off paintings for the Gold Rush Art Festival. The highlight of that drive was stopping at Cape Blanco - wow, wow, wow. We're going to stay there for a couple of days this summer - it's the most wonderful State Park in Oregon. Many State Parks are near the highway - but this one is five miles out, has amazing beaches and insane views. We're so exicted.


Nance said...

So, which would you have liked to own? (I personally especially liked "Reflections" and "Above the Earth" among the many that I liked. (I'm the "don't know much about art, but...." kind of person. And out of curiosity, which were "can't stand"?

The flowers are sooooo "Holly Street"vicinity, and it is a lovely painting. So grateful that Adara and you are willing to share!!

sarahfburns said...

My top picks were Conductor's Town, Diagram Series Glimpse, Orizuru No. 1, Work/Rest, and I also liked Johnson Farmhouse and Salutaion.

I feel weird about publicly stating which pieces I "can't stand". I should really learn to speak critically and not judgementally.........

I have a lot of hang ups and pet peeves and I'm not sure how much they have to do with the quality of the pieces - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Opinions differ widely and that's ok with me. So that being said, I wasn't a fan of the naked laughing woman on the bed, and there were some landscapes I didn't like (some I did), and the women raking tulips was not to my taste and Full Court Press wasn't working for me either. I don't really remember much of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful floral, still life painting ! Keep up the great work Sarah ! :-)

Nance said...

We have Conductor's Town, Johnson Farmhouse and Work/Rest in common :-).

There was an incredible variety of styles and tastes, wasn't there? That's what makes in interesting.