Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plein Air Painting -

I painted this last week (or the week before that) at the middle school my daughter attends. Schools are one of the best locations for plein air painting in town, they always have fields creating enough uncluttered space to have a view.

Spring is so lovely, the hills in the distance have the most lovely green. The owner of this fence was spotted me painting and rode over on his moped to see what I was up to. He was so excited that I was painting his fence and tree that he gave me a bottle of wine he'd been storing in the moped. Great, huh?

We'll I'm off to the big city (Portland) tomorrow. I have no idea what's on at the art museum - but I'll give it a whirl (Gilkey Center is the best part of that show). We're going to see Dolorean - a nifty singer songwriter who plays at Laurelthirst Public house on Wed nights. It should be fun.


Nance said...

Oh, have a fine time in Portland, we'll be thinking of you. Hope the galleries are great. Love you.

Stephen Magsig said...

This is just beautiful, a crisp and fresh painting.