Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Studio

I'm preparing to move into a new studio space - outside of my home. Until now, I've worked in my garage. I could run upstairs and start dinner, check email, grab a vase for a still life etc. I'm really, really excited to have a space that's outside of my home, it feels more professional, more like a job. The space is better, too, it's actually insulated, has a sink, lots of great light. The time is ripe for it, I'm ready to take this step, but as I dive into this move, I'm running into questions. Do I take my big old fashioned but very functional home computer down to the studio? I use it all the time for work - mostly for work in fact. But I share the printer with my husband... Also, do I bring the stool both my models use in my studio but also my nephew uses in the kitchen. Naturally the studio is likely to win out, change is just interesting, it has lots of potential, and lots of adjusting. Lots to figure out. Moving is lots of work.


Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp said...

Congratulations, Sarah! The new space looks lovely. You'll enjoy it, I have no doubt.

Nance said...

Hi! I like the way you are working through the "ripple effect" of this move. It sounds like combining your work and your home worked for you nicely, but now you are moving into a different phase of your career that you will enjoy equally. The new space looks full of light!