Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plein Air at Valley View Orchard

Pie Cherries 11" x 14"

5" x 8" (great size for plein air for me)


Lisa McShane said...

I like both of these very much - great subtle colors. Are they canvas or board?

sarahfburns said...

These were painted on board - pie cherries on board and the little one on masonite hardboard. different gessos too - I've been experimenting, looking for what works best for me.

Nance said...

Ah, Valley View Orchard! You really caught the feel. The long driveway is done at just the right angle. Did you pick cherries, too? That was a family tradition for us. Then peaches and we would get apples to can in the fall. Those trees along the drive turn a lovely color then.

sarahfburns said...

Nance - Adara and I had gone and picked cherries (I remember picking them with you and Adara when she was little, there were some cute pictures of Adara in her red outfit in a bucket) anyway, it was funny, we picked what I thought was a good amount of cherries and went to pay and we'd picked $40 worth! oops! good pies and snacking, though.