Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Summer Plans

All I'm going to do this summer is paint outside, except for my Wed night model sessions.

This is my town, just a few blocks from my house.  Downtown Phoenix, Oregon.   
Roscoe's BBQ in the red building.

  Next door to Roscoe's is La Tapatia, a mexican grocery and restaurant in the back.  Get your cowboy boots and your cow tongue in one convenient location.  And it's the best mexican food in Southern Oregon.  And they're really friendly.  

Look for more paintings of Phoenix, Oregon this summer.  Who needs a studio in the summer anyway?


Nance said...

Taking on Phoenix, OR...you are so creative, finding the "local color". Love you!

brianvy said...

really love yr stuff... do you happen to know sarah sameh?

sarahfburns said...

Thank you! And brianvy, I don't know Sarah Sameh. Is she an artist?