Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stanley Lewis and Lennart Anderson

I was reading the latest issue of Art in America magazine, when an ad for paintings by Stanley Lewis caught my eye.  His landscapes kind of feel similar to what I'm going for these days, and they remind me a smidge of Fairfield Porter, and even a wee bit Isaac Levitan - both artists I love love love.

In the process of googling him, I ran into a new artist to admire:  Lennart Anderson.

I've been enjoying Edwin Dickinson's work lately, and his work reminded me of his, and it should because they were both Art Student's League folks, Anderson took classes from Dickinson - and got to know him a bit, as this piece shows.
The next video is an interesting piece discussing what to go for when painting a person. 

  More of Lennart's work can be found here.  (Hopefully the videos posted okay - I seldom post videos, and get easily confused.)

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