Wednesday, October 6, 2010


     Zinnia's are bright, candy shop, wonderland flowers. I kept very busy during the first 2 - 3 weeks in August working on this commission.  It was a total pleasure, despite the intense summer heat and the chalky sunscreen I wore to keep from burning.  The family who commissioned it is happy, which makes me happy.  And it looks really great in their space, I love seeing my artwork in the context of someone else's life. 

    Flowers just don't hold still and stop growing for you.  The light changes too, so this painting doesn't represent one split second, but kind of a rainbow of time within a short range.  To meet the challenge I started in the center and worked out to the sides so all the flowers and leaves connected realistically.  Even thought the flowers are the reason for making the painting, my favorite parts are the leaves, they kind of rustle if you stare at them for a while.  

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zhoniu said...

Its really good to see someone in real life painting. Thnkz. And i like all ur paintings.
Maybe u can see some of mine too.